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After nearly a decade of providing our clients with quality service and quality products, our goal remains the same, to ensure that our clients are insured properly and sufficiently. We work with the leading insurance companies in the industry as well as a labyrinth of other companies, to properly tailor our clients policies, helping them to protect their assets and their businesses. 

Advantages of a Brokerage
Our goal is to provide insurance that is personally tailored to your specific needs. We work hard to ensure that you are fully covered and protected at the best possible rate. We want your business to receive the coverage it needs, for your peace of mind. We want to be certain you have the right amount of coverage, not too much or too little. We represent YOU, not the insurance companies.

Our values as your Brokerage
We value integrity and reliability. Oak Tree Insurance, wants to ensure the dependable, high quality service you deserve. We value your business and want you to rely on us for all of your insurance needs.
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