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What is Allied Healthcare Insurance and Why Have It?
The Healthcare industry is an ever evolving and growing industry and the demand for specialized medical care is on the rise. Entities or individuals in this field need financial protection from their professional negligence in administering patient care which results in economic or bodily injury to the patient. This liability looms over any line of work in the healthcare industry. Even the smallest mistakes can have costly consequences. While some companies are able to retain this risk, many smaller businesses do not have the ability to pay damages or legal bills.

With an Allied Healthcare policy through Apogee, you will be protecting exactly that. This is a growing class of business for Apogee which we have seen an immense amount of recent success. We have policies available through A++ rated A.M. Best, admitted and non-admitted markets throughout all 50 U.S. states.

Key Coverages Include:
• Professional Liability -$1M/$3M limits on a claims made form (excess markets available for higher limits)
• General Liability -$1M/$3M limits on an occurrence form (excess markets available for higher limits)
• Sexual Abuse and Molestation
• HIPAA Violations
• Defense outside the limits
• First Dollar Defense
• Cyber Liability
• Medical Directors included for administrative duties
• Ability to schedule physicians onto the policy
• Duty to defend
• Incident trigger of claims
• Worldwide coverage
• Personal injury coverage
• Final adjudication wording
• Choice of defense counsel (subject to approval)

Sample Claim:
Home Helpers LLC is a small home health aide company. Clara, an employee of Home Helpers LLC, has been assigned work at the home of an elderly couple needing daytime assistance. Due to a family emergency, Clara is no longer able to provide services and Home Helpers LLC quickly replaces Clara’s role with another employee who is not as familiar with the couple’s daily routine. Being unfamiliar with the daily duties, the new employee does not remind the couple to take their required medication. The couple does not take their medication which results in medical issues for the couple. Medical bills from the incident total $5,500. The couple files a lawsuit against Home Helpers LLC alleging professional negligence.

Target Classes:
• Home Healthcare
• Medical Spas
• Surgery Centers
• Urgent care facilitates
• Medical Imaging Centers
• Staffing/Nurse Registries
• Medical Transportation
• Misc. Clinics
• Pharmacies
• Adult Daycares
• Rehab Facilities
• Medical Exams and Wellness Services
• Medical Testing Laboratories
• Dieticians
• Social Services

Non-Target Classes
• Long Term Care Facilities with under 25 beds
• Referral Services
• Durable Medical Equipment Sales
• Individual Nurses or Technicians

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