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What is Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance?
Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance is available for Contractors, Environmental Consultants, Fixed Site Exposures, Storage Tanks, Environmental Services and many other exposures. Each policy is crafted to provide coverage for exposures such as gas leaks, contaminated soil, oil spills and many other exposures that can damage the environment and create large cleanup costs.

Why Have Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance?
Claims arising from pollution incidents are usually excluded from a General Liability policy. This means that even contractors that do not specialize in environmental work are at risk for a claim. Since these risks are not covered, contractors usually have to absorb legal and clean-up costs which can sometimes be incredibly expensive. Building contractors working on older structures have the risk of dealing with asbestos and other harmful chemicals. Pollution policies can cover losses due to asbestos and similar problems. Environmental Pollution policies can pay legal and clean-up costs, as well as all current and completed projects.

Coverage May Include:
• Monoline E&O, CPL or GL for as little as $2,000
• Combined minimum premium (E&O, CPL, GL) is $2,500
• Capacity up to $15 million
• Lead, asbestos and mold coverage available
• Preexisting conditions can be covered
• Storage tanks as low as $350
• Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage (NODS)
• Claims Made & Occurrence Forms
• Products Pollution
• Deductibles as low as $2,500
• Blanket AI (ongoing and completed operations)
• Automatic waiver of subrogation
• Blanket 1st & 3rd party transportation pollution
• Transportation Pollution Liability
• Separate defense limit
• Automatic primary/non-contributory additional insured status

Sample Claim:
Contractor Pollution
Jim, a local contractor, was called to a site where an underground storage tank was being removed. He was contracted to loosen a heavy coupling for which the tank removal company did not have adequate tools. Several days later after leaving the site, having shaken the coupling free, Jim was notified that he was being sued for the tank leaking underground, spilling hundreds of gallons of gasoline into the soil. It seems that Jim dropped a heavy tool down the intake spout of the fiberglass tank, cracking the bottom, and causing the leak. Total costs to defend himself and pay damages exceeded $255,000.

Target Classes
• Air Monitoring
• Asbestos Abatement Contracting
• Drywall/Gypsum Wallboard
• Environmental Compliance
• Environmental Drilling (Not Oil/Gas)
• Geophysical Consulting
• Groundwater Remediation Contracting
• Hazardous Material Clean-Up Contracting
• Hazardous Materials Consulting
• Manufacturing facilities
• Property Management Companies
• Painting
• Radon Testing
• Roofing
• Safety Training
• Waste Incineration
• Utility Contractors

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